Did City Island's Camera Project Record Burglaries?

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One strike, two strikes, three strikes... First, it was City Island Pharmacy, then Filomena's Pizza, and most recently, Firehouse Deli. All three business were broken into and burglarized during the night, with their cash registers stolen. NYPD officers were called and responded, but no arrests have been made so far.

City Island Images spoke with all three owner operators and asked them whether any of those cameras which should have been installed on City Island were helpful in these crime investigations and all said “ Cameras? ”

Exactly one year ago, NY Senator Jeff Klein, City Island Chamber of Commerce and City Island Civic Association officials held a news conference to proudly announce that City Island would soon have a powerful new weapon to deal with vandalism and street crime, as thousands of visitors stream in and out of the island on a regular basis. They claimed that Fifteen new security cameras were being installed along City Island Avenue.

Community leaders, businesspeople and local citizens gathered across the bridge on City Island Avenue on April 12 to announce this new project, which was funded with a $100,000 grant secured by NY State Senator Jeff Klein for the people of City Island. So what ever happened to those $100,000? We wanted to know the answer, but officials are tight lipped.

These non existent cameras were supposed to be placed in strategic locations all over the island, according to local officials, and would record video onto a hard disk only accessible to chamber members and NYPD should any crime occur. So where are those cameras? City Island Images reached out to members of The City Island Chamber, Civic Association and Senator Klein's office, but none of these organizations has yet to provide us with any immediate comments. All we can wonder is why? What happened to the $100K camera project?

Nick Verettos, owner of Firehouse Deli estimates having lost approximately $7000.00. He views the camera project as just another scandal, but this one is unfortunately home grown on City Island. Nick tells City Island Images that officials told him they are still working on installing those cameras, but added “once they get out of office, they wont be working on this any more.”

Meanwhile, for over more than one year now, City Island Images has provided live video streaming from midtown City Island, at Focal Point Gallery located near the corner of City Island avenue and Fordham Street. These live City Island Images are available to everyone on the Internet. The camera cost City Island Images less that $1000, so you do the math. This City Island images cam can be see viewed 24/7 on - The video is a free public service for the entire world to see, a sentiment not shared by any of these City Island organizations.

Meanwhile, NYPD Pct. 45 officers say these burglaries are still under investigation if there is any progress in their investigation, they will will notify City Island Images.

You may respond below, or write to City Island Images
PO Box 147
NYC, NY 10464

Ask the Chamber, or Civic Association what happened to the funds, or just voice your opinion at the polls next time you vote!

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1. You hit the nails on their heads.
2. Answers to your questions should not be optional.
3. CImages shows News12 and the local tabloids what real journalism is all about, and puts them to shame. It also makes one wonder about their mission and independence.
Keep up the good work.