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From Film to digital imaging, story telling is a necessary tool for those wishing to speak the visual language which dominates today’s global exchange of news and information content.

Professor Roberto Soto's expertise is founded on a long and distinguished journalism and teaching career that parallels and embodies the technological revolution that has evolved into convergence journalism. Executive Director and Professor Roberto Soto is accepting applications for an upcoming seminar.

From his early days as a Summer intern at The Washington Post to using film to shoot, develop and edit daily news stories to producing documentaries on Latin American Revolutions, all the way to the era of high-definition, utilizing digital video cameras to shoot and edit Springtime revolutions.

Professor Soto educates and teaches his students to harness the power of technology and the Internet that dwarfs advances in global communication unleashed by the Gutenberg press.

He helps students understand how to:

• Articulate story ideas.

• Capture powerful images and crisp sound.

• Recognize and cultivate dramatic stories.

• Conduct compelling, in-depth interviews.

• Write powerful scripts.

• Narrate stories.

• Edit for maximum impact.

• Speak the Visual Language

• Proposal, Controlling Ideas and Title

• Clips to Story

• Rules on Shooting Video

• When to Use a Tripod

• Sound: the Heartbeat of Our Craft

• Writing to Pictures

• Journalism Resources

Please send your applications to:

City Island Images
PO Box 147 City Island Station
NYC, NY 10464


These new non credit courses help to keep you on top of the changing job market, in tune with emerging technologies, and informed about our increasingly globalized world.

Fax applications to: 718 885 1607