DISSAugustING Times

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We do not enjoy being disrespectful of August or verbally disparagingly of this otherwise delightful month, but it is in response to attacks on multiple fronts as this alarming trend becomes increasingly common and fueled by our nation’s so-called leadership?

Beware of the August winds because the tides are changing. Global warning and fraud are not the only problems we’re facing, but also increased heated tempers from the charged rhetoric are starting to boil over. So, will cool love prevail over boiling hate?

Did POTUS inherit good times from the POTUS44 and just like everything else he's been handed on a silver platter in his whole life, he may be in the process of destruction?

Also, while the @FBI is classifying #QAnon as a potential domestic terror threat, @POTUS just in the last month has invited followers and believers to the @WhiteHouse and reportedly directed followers to a QAnon Twitter account? Conspiracy theories like QAnon could fuel 'extremist' violence, according to FBI officials.

A deadly heatwave after the hottest June on record: how the climate crisis is creating "a new normal"

‪In a letter questioning American silence over Trump’s racism, the National Cathedral wrote, “The question is less about the president’s sense of decency, but of ours.”Have We No Decency?”: Cathedral questions Americans’ silence over Trump’s racism https://www.vox.com/2019/7/31/20748839/washington-national-cathedral-tr…

More voters think Donald Trump is a racist than thought George Wallace was in 1968 | Analysis https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/31/politics/poll-trump-racist/index.html?ut…

‪Instinct and experience says we’re headed for of white hate violence stoked by a racially divisive president," writes a former FBI counterintelligence chief. "I just hope I’m wrong," he says.‬ Why Does Trump Fan the Flames of Race-Based Terrorism? https://nyti.ms/2ypZ6nZ

Greenland melting is a dangerous sign

Curious about the most common types of fraud and scams in your area? Explore the @FTC's data to learn about typical frauds, identity theft scams, and unwanted calls based on millions of reports from people across the country: https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/data-visualizations/explore-data?utm_ca…

And overseas, which leader went on the attack of California’s wildfires, but offered Vladimir Putin assistance in fighting wildfires in Siberia? Is there anything POTUS won’t do for Communists like Russia’s president and North Korea’s Kim to improve their standing in the world?