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The prime minister of Australia joined the debate whether, or not the world will end on December 21 under the Mayan calendar in a spoof video about Korean pop and flesh-eating zombies.

Her a one-minute video address recorded for a youth radio station, the sombre-looking Gillard says the pending apocalypse is at hand despite there being no proof.

Julia Gillard says there is a bright side to armageddon, which she noted had not come as a result of the much-hyped Y2K millennium computer bug in the year 2000 or due to Australia's corporate pollution tax.

December 21 represents the end of a cycle in the Mayan long count calendar that began in the year 3114 before Christ.

A doomsday industry is booming around the notion that the calendar's end will bring the fiery end of human civilization, with the blockbuster "2012" depicting Earth being swallowed by floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The Mayans enjoyed a golden age between 250 AD and 900 AD in Mexico and Central America, before its steady decline and the arrival of Spanish imperialists in the 16th century.

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