Driving one another crazy

Submitted by ub on Fri, 10/17/2014 - 06:41

During a recent trip to California, I learned that drivers from the Golden State not only like to drive fast as hell, but they also love to talk trash about drivers from other states across the entire country. Californians are the biggest haters of drivers from Arizona to Vermont.

However, just a few hours after arriving in Shanghai, I quickly learned these are the worst drivers I have seen on the roads, or sidewalks. For example, have you ever observed cars routinely parked on the sidewalk? Have you visited a large metropolitan area where honking horns are a normal part of driving? Have you even seen a motorbike just miss striking a baby carriage by a few inches, or another speed by an innocent pedestrian just missing them by a few inches? You will experience all of this and maybe more in SHANGHAI.

No one needs a car to survive in Shanghai because taxis are cheap and the subway system is new and efficient. Furthermore, if you live a considerable distance from the downtown area, it is more than likely that you will own a car, a motorbike, or enjoy a ride supplied by your employer. Driving in Shanghai can also be particularly stressful due to most motorists flouting all kinds of traffic rules and regulations. and the crosstown the traffic is a nightmare during the rush hour.

Shanghai roads are often congested, but in relatively better condition than city roads in NYC. Shanghai's elevated expressways and tunnels prevent less wear and tear on vehicles than those infamous NYC portholes, which drive most people crazy.