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Oh sweet, dear parents of Elena, Chloe, Sophia and Parker!

She is just days away from heading off to Italy for a looooong overdue European vacation. This trip is something Natasha and her husband Charlie have dreamed about for years and they finally got their acts together to make it happen.

Viva Italia & Francia!

That means they have both been waaaay more productive than ever to get everything done so they can can totally unplug while they're away and hard at play.

Here's the scene: they're busy as all heck working their buns off. Through blood, sweat and tenacity they've gained a lot of experience and expertise. Things are really starting to come together. Everyone you know is taking notice, but unfortunately...

They're getting a request from DaD, who wants to chat and make sure everyone is OK, so she drops everything to call and slowly DaD realizes this is not the time, so eventually he says: Bon voyage and have lots of fun... You deserve a break!

But the truth is . . They're both full time executives, wonderful spouses and adoring parents. Enjoy your romantic getaway, my dearest daughter and son-in-law. Vayan con Dios!