Execution Rocks

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Execution Rocks Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, NY Is it haunted, or surrounded by mysterious circumstances?

The United States of America donated this property to Historically Significant Structures,
for preservation and public use through the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act.
This program is administered by the National Park Service
GOAL: To restore, renovate, preserve and operate Execution Rocks Lighthouse, NY,which is part of our heritage and nation’s treasures.

Please call 215 906 5103 for reservations. Special events, such as weddings and birthday parties can be arranged with a caterer of your choice!

Experience the light keeper's feelings and put the ghost rumors to rest!
There is no water or electricity on the island, so plan accordingly.
Overnight guests must provision own food and transportation. Air mattresses and bottled drinking water are provided.

Portable camp toilet serviced by guest. No alcohol or tobacco products allowed on island.
3 rooms, 2 persons per room. $300.00/night/room. 4th consecutive night free! The cost is a contribution to the 501c3 to learn the lighthouse keeper's overnight experience and preserve the lighthouse.

30 days prior no cancellation, no refund policy.
All rooms must be paid in full prior to arrival, upon reservation.
Below on the left is the Rochelle room, with a view to the North of New Rochelle, across the sound.

To the right is a picture of the Hector room, with a view of NYC, named after a Coast Guard serviceman stationed at the lighthouse
in the 1970s, whom we know and love. There is a great view of Manhattan skyline at night to the west of the light-station.