Extremely special metropoliis

Submitted by ub on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 07:32

If you are a travel enthusiast, a fan of global exploration and you are wondering and constantly searching for far away destinations to add to your bucket list, then I definitely suggest Shanghai. Just the following food for thought, make sure you do not mind mingling with large crowds and have no problems walking. Also, 6 Chinese Renminbi equals 1 US Dollar.

This is without a doubt one of the major metropolitan cities you will ever visit anywhere on earth. Thanks to increased infrastructure, competition and having a local looking out for your best interests, you could enjoy "dah 大" deals on food, hotels, airfare, and many other items that you ma be pleasantly surprised are discounted. Transparency dictates that I say thanks and show my deep appreciation to my lovely wife Yirong, and my new family.

Unless you fly first class and you can not avoid turbulence, the 15 hour flight will be the worst part of your journey. However, cruise lines are making a big push into Asia and it's major attraction is Shanghai. This city has invested 錢 money into making its port cruise-friendly, which should yield some great deals for travelers.

Breakfast in Shanghai is best enjoyed on the street. The egg wrap was a real treat, but delicious dumplings still piping hot from the wok steamer were delightful and a mainstay of China, from cabbage-filled jiao zi to xiao long bao soup dumplings, which I truly enjoyed at the crack of dawn, to be followed by a walking and street shopping tour that justified my gluttony, though in the anything-goes attitude of Shanghai, no one ever needs an excuse.

When you’re all shopped out, a welcome break awaits on the former French Concession known as Fuxing Park, where kids come to play and older folks to exercise and socialize. Men in Mao jackets chain-smoke and play cards, while musicians gather to play Chinese classics. The main attraction, however, happens beneath the towering plane trees in the center of the park where in the morning the seniors like to exercise and at night time, many couples show off ballroom dancing moves to Chinese love songs.

I was able to do both and had my photo take with two delightful girls who were very curious about that hair on my arms. All the children we met, were taking part in a charity event by selling arts, crafts, used books and toys. They learned the importance of helping those in need, by reaching out to people and selling sell their hand made crafts to most everyone they approached.
It was mostly paintings, and home made goodies. We bought delicious cranberry cookies and share them with Mama Chen.

I am told these children visit homes for disabled kids and share their donations, gifts, used books, toys and then play and read books to them without hesitation. These little good will ambassadors do not treat the disabled children any different from how they treat each other.