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It has finally arrived... The colorful Fall season, aka Autumn is associated with Halloween, then Thanksgiving and was influenced by Samhain, a Celtic autumn festival. It's widespread marketing campaign promoted in the US. Online, television, film, book, costume, home decoration, and confectionery industries use this season to promote products closely associated with such a holiday, with promotions going from early September to November, since their themes rapidly lose strength once the holiday ends, and advertising starts concentrating on Christmas.

Autumn also has a strong association with American football, as the regular season begins during September and ends with playoff competition in December or January, in the winter season. Canadian football, on the other hand, begins in the summer, but extends its season through the autumn season and into November. A popular activity for high schools in the US is attending Friday night football games in Autumn, while Sunday afternoons are reserved for the professional game, particularly the National Football League, and Saturdays are traditionally used for college football. The sport is generally geared around fall weather and playing in cold elements.

Autumn also has strong ties to post-season baseball, with the autumnal equinox occurring with about a week left in the regular season, depending on scheduling. Autumn baseball often signifies excitement in the air for fans who root for teams on the cusp of making the post-season, as well as those that made it. The World Series, baseball's championship series which determines the champion of Major League Baseball for that season, is held in mid-to-late October (sometimes spilling over into November to accommodate longer series) and is nicknamed the "Fall Classic".

Television stations and networks, particularly in North America, traditionally begin their regular seasons in autumn, with new series and new episodes of existing series debuting mostly during late September (series that debut outside the fall season are usually known as mid-season replacements). A sweeps period takes place in November to measure Nielsen Ratings.

Autumn, particularly in most parts of the US, also has a strong association with the start of a new school year, particularly for children in primary and secondary education. "Back to School" advertising and preparations usually occurs in the weeks leading to the start of the fall season.

In Indian mythology, autumn is considered to be the preferred season for the goddess of learning Saraswati, who is also known by the name of "goddess of autumn Sharada.