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There are a number of outstanding Art Works in this group show open through November. `The World Mercantor Projection` shows a robust blue female nude spread across an old map of the whole world. Australia by the way is still listed as New Holland! What do you know. What is old is still new again.

Seriously speaking, this very reasonably priced picture is by the multi talented gallery owner Ron Terner, his gallery just celebrated it`s fortieth year of being in business. Which makes it one of the oldest privately owned galleries in New York and one of only about four privately owned galleries in the Bronx.

Here you will not find represented the usual Art Movements favored by the wealthy dot com crowd of Chelsea, Pop, Op, Neo Expressionism or Conceptual. Instead you will find very talented individuals working in an individualist style. For a very small hanging fee anyone can show at the Focal Point Gallery. It is all very democratic every one gets represented.

You may think Gaetano's picture of a smiling Joe Demaggio is the exception it has certain qualities of Pop Art about it. However Gaetano was a well known cartoonist of comic books long before Pop Art was ever invented.

'Banana Repeat' a five by seven foot air brush painting from 1973 by Robert Cox dominates the back wall.I'ts hypnotic repeating form is given meaning subjectively through the imagination.It is whatever the viewer chooses these organic forms to mean.

Other pictures by different artist, paintings, photographs and mixed media are all represented. Landscapes figures,portraits abstract art can be found here. The work is always full of energy and very individual.

Focal Point Gallery, founded in 1974 by photographer Ron Terner, serves as an alternative exhibition space for exceptional but little-known artists unable to gain recognition elsewhere. It mounts eight exhibitions a year primarily of photography. Techniques and subject matter embraced by the artists runs the gamut and includes landscapes, pinhole computer images and photographic wall sculpture. Focal Point Press publishes an annual catalog of the exhibitions called Viewfinder.

Focal Point Gallery 321 City Island Avenue NYC, NY 10464 (718) 885-1403

By: Rob Roy, Art World