Freezing Cold New York City

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 02/16/2015 - 00:41

Record low temperatures in New York City are setting records set in 1888. The winds are burning the skin.

The number of cold calls to 311 was overwhelming. The calls were mostly about freezing temperatures and folks complaining about the lack of heat and hot water.

It was so cold that East River Ferry service was suspended when ice formed on the river.

Meanwhile, The Naked Cowboy In Times Square changed his routine to deal with the cold temperatures. Highs temps were in the teens and the lows at sub zero levels, with the wind chill factor making it feel much colder.

An active weather pattern combined with bitterly cold air will continue for the Eastern U.S. A strong area of low pressure off the coast of Maine will continue to bring blizzard conditions to eastern New England. A new winter storm develops in the southern Plains and moves east on Monday. This system will also spread wintry weather from the Southern Plains to the Mid-Atlantic.

Photo: Megumi Wada