Submitted by ub on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 13:06

There are Republican conservatives of all shapes and sides of the spectrum. Bush, Romney, Paul, Christie, Rubio, Cruz, who are asking fellow conservatives to help nominate a true Republican in 2016, or risk losing yet another consecutive national election.

GOP nominees like Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008 and Bob Dole in 1996 were good and honorable individuals, but apparently not conservative enough and that may have been the real reason why they dis not succeed in their bids for the presidency.

If Bush, or Romney don’t emerge triumphant, the party has a bunch of contenders to draw from in 2016. There is a long list of the ones to watch...

Mitt, Chris, Jeb, Marco, Rand, Ben, Bobby and the GOP list appears to be growing!