Hair Today More Tomorrow

Submitted by ub on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 00:25

The latest trend appears to be letting the hair grow all over the body whether it is up high or really low. As a hairy person, all I can say is my body hair has protected me from insects bites and other unwanted sights and symptoms like sunburned days and nights.

Androgenic hair is the terminal hair that begins developing on our body before, during and after puberty. It is differentiated from the head hair and less visible vellus hair, which is much finer and lighter in color. As a young child, I was called old monkey and other mocking names, so I had no other choice but to grin and bear it.

Today, we are living in the age of social media, with instantaneous feedback in real-time. Anyone can adopt styles and create new trends as social influencers.

Body hair is now welcomed by women who are proudly showing off their visible body hair everywhere, including on social media. This trend has grown is affecting the marketing of products that once had ads labeling body hair as an objectionable aesthetic practice.

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