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I agree about hanging up. Don't give the scammers a chance to convince you by putting up with them on the phone. But before I hang up, I probe first and take down the caller's info so I could report him to It helps a lot when we share information about fraudulent calls that we get.

If anyone calls on the telephone and says they're with the "Do Not Call Registry"

Scam artists are pretending to be from the registry. They are calling folks and asking to verify their personal information, or requesting if you want to sign up for the registry. No one from the registry will call you. You must call the registry. These are tricks “to confirm” names, addresses and even Social Security numbers. Trust me, no one should be calling you to ask for this information.

Never ever give your personal information to anyone over the phone, especially if you get a call you were not expecting and the person on the other line is asking for it.

Once you have signed up with the registry, it permanently restricts calls from telemarketers, so you never need to renew your registration — it never expires.

Call 888-382-1222 to sign up ASAP!