Happy Birthday Jose Julian Marti

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This larger-than-life bronze equestrian statue depicting Cuban icon, patriot, journalist and author José Martí (1853–1895) is found in NYC's Central Park and stands at the head of The Big Apple's Avenue of the Americas.

Martí was also a well know poet who fought for Cuba's liberation, also known as of the pearl of the Antilles, from Spanish rule.

He campaigned for the liberation of Cuba from Spain and was imprisoned by Spanish authorities in 1868. Fleeing to New York in 1880, he continued to advocate for Cuban freedom while in exile and organized the Cuban Revolutionary Party in 1892.

Martí returned to Cuba in 1895, at the beginning of Cuba’s successful fight for independence. The monument depicts a reeling yet resolute Martí after being fatally wounded while atop his horse during the 1895 battle at Dos Rios.

Although the statue was completed in 1959, the political climate between pro- and anti-Castro elements in New York necessitated the delay of the monument’s unveiling until 1965.

This statue shows the moment when José Martí was mortally wounded, with the rearing horse dramatically reacting to the violence.