Harlem Yacht Club Adventure Sailing Series

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Captain Reid recently completed the longest ocean voyage in history, spending almost three years at sea on the traditional gaff rigged Schooner Anne, he built himself. Reid
and Soanya departed land in 2007.

Before leaving, Soanya and Reid made a plan that nothing would stop their attempt to sail 1000 days non-stop at sea without resupply. Soanya, a young photographer from NYC sailed 307 days out of sight of land and ended her voyage because of a surprise pregnancy. She was transferred ashore off of Australia and returned home to give birth to their son Darshen five months later.

Reid sailed on for another 846 days without seeing another person, accomplishing
the longest solo sailing record and the longest sea voyage in history when he returned
to NYC after sailing 1,152 days. Luckily the whole voyage was verified by a satellite
tracking company. Soanya, their son Darshen, family, friends, and world press were
on the dock waiting for Reid to take his first step back on earth. Soon after his arrival, with hardly enough time to recuperate from his unprecedented achievement, Reid, Soanya, Darshen and an inexperienced crew of five set off for the isolated jungles of Guyana for another adventure and to repair the worn out schooner. Sea sickness, jungle sickness, and disillusionment caused the crew to return to the safety of the U.S. The little adventurous family was left alone to survive on an isolated jungle river. During the year they spent in Guyana they never saw another foreign boat or tourist.

April 10th @ 7pm

Harlem Yacht Club
417 Hunter Ave
City island, NY 10464 []

Capt. Reid Stowe and wife Soayna Ahmad will talk about their most recent trip: "A year
on the jungle rivers of Guyana".

Reid is a captivating speaker not to be missed.
Admission is free, No Restaurant Service, Cash Bar.

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Reid Stowe Website […]