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The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is China's most important holiday. Chinese New Year 2019 fell on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, beginning a year of the Pig. In China, the public holiday will be observed between February 4–10, 2019.

It's Lunar New Year, day 1 of China’s lunar calendar, which is within a day of the second new moon before the Spring Equinox moon phase. It's oddly called Spring Festival, with it being in winter for most of China, but that's because everyone looks forward to Spring.

春节 Chūn Jié

On the 4th day of the Chinese New Year, folks prepare for the birthday of God of Wealth. To "Wish you prosperity" is the most common greetings during the Spring Festival holidays among the Chinese people, who hope the chanting would bring good luck in the coming year. The words are also written on the couplets pasted on the door.

According to the Chinese folklore, the 5th day of the Chinese new year is the birthday of the God of Wealth or God of Fortune.

Preparations for the worship rituals are usually made a day earlier. Tributes to the God of Wealth often include fruits, snacks, candles and joss sticks.

At midnight of the day, some would open the door and windows, set off firecrackers and pray for the coming of God.