Submitted by ub on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 22:48


Why is it that after an unfortunate natural disaster, the same public servants that we have elected continue to allow the companies who contribute to them to treat citizens the way they do.

Why is it that these same public servants seem to think that the only thing they have to do is show a little sympathy and concern, like offering some free ice, or advice?

It's time to hold all public officials accountable for their inaction, or lack thereof and run these powerless leaders out of office .

Our National, state and local representatives continue to function in a business as usual mode, while the public suffers multiple hardships. Frustration and fear increases three days after Superstorm Sandy. Many are without power, or heat, traffic is backed up for miles, there is not enough gasoline available, massive crowds wait impatiently for public transportation, as tempers flare up. What is a law abiding citizen to do?

Get busy by contacting your elected representatives and demand their immediate attention, or threaten to vote for someone else who will be responsive to everyone of our needs and demands.