How Do You Spell WINNER? Two Is Four Es and P

Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/16/2013 - 19:08

When looking to chose members for a winning team, look for "intelligence" and "integrity", bit these are obvious for all the good team members. "Intelligence" is not just smart, or high IQ but common sense as well. If your team member's integrity and values don't match your organization let them try to succeed elsewhere.

The following will distinguish identify the cream of the crop. "The four Es and one P." Qualities of the best leaders:

Energy: To go the distance, and not just at crunch time.

Energizers: They exude positivity and stir others contagiously.

Edge: They can make yes-or-no decisions, without analyzing everything to death, and can adapt and cut their wrong decisions quickly, letting their winners run.

Execution: They get out from behind the desk and make ideas happen.

Passion: They have it in work and life. "Passionate people sweat the details; they're curious, they care and are not one-dimensional."