How Will Adolfo Decide To Carry On?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/10/2013 - 23:00

There's no doubt that Adolfo Carrión loves City Island, since it's the place where he has lived for years and still calls home. And there's also no doubt he has had a significant political career thus far. While he was walking his dog in the neighborhood, Carrión briefly stopped to tell City Island Images that he is about to show NYC voters how much he loves New York.

In an exclusive interview he said he's been working hard developing a political strategic plan. He told us he's excited about the future and says his wife also wants him to run fro mayor. When pressed, he told us that will make a major announcement on February 26.

Currently, NYC mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrión Jr. appears to be the leading contender to gain the Independence Party nomination, which once helped boost Mayor Michael Bloomberg into City Hall. Mr. Carrion aspires to be New York City‘s first Latino mayor and believes it’s high time a Latino becomes the chief executive at City Hall.

Longtime City Island resident, Jacqueline Kyle Kall who is a Bloomberg supporter says she is delighted and adds that she will vote for Adolfo.

But the former Bronx Borough President, is not the only mayoral hopeful with the potential for a history-making victory. If NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn wins, she will be the city’s first female and first openly gay mayor and if Comptroller John Liu runs and succeeds, he could be the first Asian-American mayor. There are other mayoral candidates in the wings, so regardless of the outcome, it promises to be an interesting race for the NYC mayor's job.

If he makes it official, Carrión will have to answer questions about his past dealings and decisions, including why he decided to step down from a high level Obama administration HUD appointment early last year after approximately 20 months on the job, just simply saying that he wanted to pursue a career in the private-sector.