ICJ At The Hague

Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/17/2020 - 10:30

After combining a "Be Best" public awareness campaign promoted by FLOTUS Melania Trump, focusing on well-being and "When they go lowwe go high" that was a message from former First Lady Michelle Obama made during her well-received speech at the Democratic National Convention. City Images has a recommendation for The Democrats. - It is best to be before The International Court of Justice and ask The World's highest court why are the Republicans going so low?

President-elect Joe Biden will not be sworn into office until Jan. 20, but he is calling for action as the nation faces crises that keep getting worse. The former VP called for action from two political forces beyond his control: The Republican Senate, and The White House which refuses to concede the election a cooperate on the global pandemic and national security briefings. 

Since becoming a lame-duck Donald, he has not only blocked cooperation with the incoming Biden administration, but has remained largely silent as the pandemic worsens nationwide; an average of 1,000 Americans have been reported dead each day since his election loss. Donald, Mike, and the GOP's refusal to work with President-elect Joe Biden are shocking to see that The Republican Party is supporting an outgoing commander in chief sabotaging his successor. Meanwhile, he has “no public events” once again, which is now the tenth day since the election that those words have appeared on his daily schedule.

Trump's denial of his election defeat, his lies about nonexistent mass coordinated voter fraud, and his strangling of the rituals of transferring power between administrations are democracy-damaging aberrations and threaten to damage Biden's incoming White House.

The Republican Party's obstruction will slow and complicate the delivery of the vaccine that brings the tantalizing prospect of a return to normal life amid stunning news from trials showing doses are effective in stopping more than 90 percent of coronavirus infections.

It's not just on the vaccine where The GOP is threatening the success of the next US administration. Attacks by the President and aides on governors stepping into his leadership vacuum as the pandemic rips across all 50 states mean the situation Biden will inherit will be worse than ever.