Immigrants Get The Job Done

Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/16/2019 - 11:02

The United States of America was built on the hard work of all immigrants, some who overstated, others who took an illegal job, or two.

Multicultural diversity is all about the #USA melting pot and #American salad. These are the strengths of our nation, these videos suggest that immigrants travel across Central America and Mexico on their way to the border and that many of them die in the process makes this a symbol that reminds us... We are all immigrants.

Immigration to the United States of America is the international movement of non-U.S. nationals who arrive to reside permanently in this country.

All immigrants should be welcome, other than certain criminal aliens, who are creating a haven for those seeking to evade federal authorities at the expense of the safety and security of all.

Many so-called leaders forget their parents were individuals who came to live here permanently. Immigrants built this greatest nation on earth by getting the job done.

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