It's Sochi Mess

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 02/05/2014 - 09:55

Sochi Russia is the site of The Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to begin is a few days, but someone should notify the Olympic Organizing Committee the place is a mess.

The Winter Olympics Games' organizers may thin they're ready, but some hotel rooms have no light bulbs, no shower curtains, only cold water only and you cant close the doors to keep away stray dogs.
And did we mention their tap water, which looks more like.... Let's clean it up and call it apple juice, or perhaps beer.

One of the wonderful experiences about the Olympics is how the entire world comes together and immerses itself in the culture as well as the different experiences of that host city.

The 2014 Winter Olympic games are supposed to be approached as a global community. It's usually a couple of weeks worth of opulence in clean and well stocked hotels. But not if you're in Sochi, where officials are now rushing to clean up the place that's still such a mess.

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