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50 years have now passed since the end of Camelot. Friday, November 22, 1963 was a sunny, warm day in Dallas, TX. People lined the streets to see President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his beautiful young wife Jackie Kennedy as their presidential motorcade made the turn into Dealey Plaza at half past noon.

This inspirational leader then raised his hand to wave and the crowds, when suddenly it all ended as a rifle shot rang out. The president’s had been critically injured. His wife Jackie looked at her husband. His hands clutching at his throat. Then another shot was fired seconds later. This one exploded the right side of the his head.


Only few times in modern U.S. history have affected our collective national psyche as the assassination of JFK. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor; World Trade Center on 9/11. Pearl Harbor galvanized our nation into action, resulting in World War II. 9/11 made us more vigilant about the risks of terrorism. We invaded Afghanistan, dismantled al-Qaeda's leadership and eliminated Osama bin Laden.

JFK’s assassination left many losing confidence in our nation, as conspiracy theories abounded.
This was the catalyst for much of the anger which characterized the ‘60s. An anti-establishment bias penetrated young people, who were dying in an unpopular war in Vietnam.Other public figures were assassinated, including JFK’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. Counter cultural gurus urged young people to turn on, and drop out. Anger and disillusionment over racial inequalities turned ugly and violent. Riots erupted from the east coast to the west coast. And then came the Watergate break in, which shattered any remaining illusions about the sanctity of our nation’s highest office.


50 years later, our citizens have lost faith in government officials because dishonesty increases.
There is plenty scientific date available for ll of US to require that anyone running for public office take an IQ, personality and honesty tests and then post these results on a public website. It is only through the election of honest, intelligent individuals with kindness and integrity that we will find our way out of the political wasteland.

If we don’t make good character a prerequisite, we will continue to elect self-serving individuals to lead us. Term limits is another measure, no matter how wealthy an individual is. Also ban lobbyists. Finally, districts should be determined by population alone to eliminate gerrymandering and provide greater representation.

In the meantime, criticize, cajole and praise whenever applicable all public officials and equally hold Republicans, Independents and Democratic representatives to task whenever your needs are not being met. Only these actions produce much needed changes for the public at large.

Where are these inspirational leaders from both parties, now when we really need them the most?

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