Journalism Collage

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 02/13/2015 - 22:49

A collage of the great journalists we've lost this week. David Carr of the New York Times (upper left) was our guide to the turbulent media-scape.

Bob Simon of CBS (upper right) was part of the elite cadre of '60 Minutes' correspondents and had a ton of awards to his credit.

Ned Colt of NBC (lower left) reported from Europe, the Middle East and Asia; went on to work on refugee issues for the International Rescue Committee and the UN.

Laurie Becklund of the LA Times (center) exposed the inner workings of Salvadoran death squads and was on the Pulitzer winning team that covered the LA riots.

Stan Chambers of KTLA (lower right) helped invent live TV coverage of major news events as he reported every big Los Angeles story for 63 years, all at the same station. There's a huge void in the news biz after the last few days.

By: George Lewis, NBC News