Justice For All

Submitted by ub on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 17:06

The midterm elections were not a complete blow to POTUS but they will have consequences for his Presidency. If he insists he is innocent, then why is he trying to shut down the #TrumpRussia probe at these final stages?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been working quietly and methodically lately, and no one knows how quickly he might act now that the election is over and done with. We know that he is free to do so. The question is whether his next step could cause a Constitutional Crisis. #ProtectMueller

Sticks and stones may break bones, but will Roger Stone stay at home? Also, junior may be forced to hide in daddy's NYC, or DC sanctuary city. Are we to expect a major move from Robert Mueller coming any time or real soon?

There's no rule requiring Mueller's campaign eve silence since none of those being investigated were on the ballot, and he's been laying low since Manafort's September guilty plea.

Only Russian indictments related to the case came from #DOJ and US attorneys outside Mueller's task force. So now we can expect movement on a couple of fronts. POTUS has fired US Attorney General Jefferson Sessions. Robert Mueller unseals indictments waiting inside courthouses.

How will Mueller communicate his findings to Congress? How quickly might he act after the election? Would a Democratic House investigate Trump's potential ties to Russia?

US Congress is expected to move forward on extensive oversight investigations into areas of Trump’s career and possible ties with Russia. This could overlap with Mueller’s work, and add a further element of overt partisanship to the saga of the special counsel’s investigation and Trump’s efforts to end it.

More dramatic still, a Democratic House would have the ability to impeach Trump, but The GOP controlled US Senate could certainly acquit Trump following a trial.

The President prepares for the Mueller report which could soon materialize

“I’m Very Worried About Don Jr.”: West Wing Insiders Brace for the Mueller Storm…

Now, we should be hearing from Robert Mueller a lot more

Opinion: Buckle up. The Mueller investigation may once again take center stage.

Special counsel Robert Mueller could soon roar back into the news

Fox News legal analyst says Trump violated the law by appointing Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general…

Will Democrats attempt to impeach the president?

There could be one of several scenarios.
The US Constitution doesn’t say exactly what to do.
The meaning of The US Constitution may be in question.
American Institutions are deliberately attacked in order to for the US to fail.
The #USA Constitution tells us what to do, but it may be easier said than #DON