Leadership's About US

Submitted by ub on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 08:45

Correction... The graphic should say no one and include women, who have proved once and for all to be real stable geniuses.

Some folks were born to create art or music, others to split the atom or excel with scientific feats. I chose to build media startups and turn others around.

As I look back to my career as well as forward to my next challenge, the definition of leadership relies on research, learning and developing practical skills with the capacity to lead, motivate and guide others from different cultures and languages.

Encourage good communication, and do it effectively., focus on team building, and know how to implement the process with others, and last but not least, identify support groups to remind ourselves the importance of team building and to hold us accountable.

Warning, there are several types of leaders. Do the research before deciding who to follow and why?

Paternalistic leaders.
Positive and Negative Leaders.
Autocratic or Authoritarian leaders.
Democratic and Participative leaders.
The Laissez-faire and, or Free-rein leaders.