Submitted by ub on Sun, 04/13/2014 - 00:22

LIPBONE REDDING has once again performed at The Starving Artist Cafe on City Island. Tonight's solo performance included one of his latest compositions Esmeralda, which he told City Island Images will be included in his upcoming album release.

He also played a few standards, including his soulful and upbeat arrangement Tennessee Ernie Ford's favorite Sixteen Tons.

Lipbone makes interesting trombone sounds with his voice and lots of sounds with his lips. The former subway musician now lives in North Carolina, but says New York is his second home. He will be performing in Connecticut and then in Brooklyn next week.

Although he says he enjoys listening to electronic music, his style could be classified as a little Louis Armstrong, with a pinch of Smokey Robinson and some Kenny Loggins on the side.

Lipbone tells us that he's been traveling and playing gigs from Europe to South America, where he wrote: The Dogs of Santiago:

Lipbone played to a sold out crowd tonight and delighted his local audience with a City Island crowd favorite: Party On The Fire Escape

After all is said and done Lipbone insists the key a happy life is to be thankful for what you've got: