Submitted by ub on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 18:44

With people in storm-ravaged areas still shivering without electricity and the death toll in New York City at more than 40, many New Yorkers voiced their concern about this weekend's NYC Marathon. We finally, they finally they seemed to get through to Mayor Mike.

We felt terrible about the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Sandy, but also by the fact that all the runners were descending upon the city to run the world’s largest marathon this Sunday, Everyone with a half a brain agreed that it would be canceled, while the city is buried under an historic tragedy.

Then we heard Bloomberg saying that the race would indeed go on. Later we saw NY Road Runner topper being grilled on NBC about why it would go on and she said they wanted to help the city.
What the heck was she talking about? Help the city, with people living in the streets, with no homes, no water, no toilets, no electricity, no food and no gas, by having a display of 50,000 runners go streaking past their demolished neighborhoods, leaving even more mess? Fogetaboutit.

I then told my communications students this was surely a recipe for disaster.We, someone in City Hall must have come to their senses and flagged the play before the penalties were forthcoming. It's off and not a minute too soon. Halleluiah!