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NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is running for mayor was the first candidate to appear before the standing room only crowd. In this crowded electoral campaign season, one of her political competitors who has received plenty of coverage for being a misbehaving married man was also expected to appear at Tuesday night's civic association meeting.

Quinn, who is the only woman running for mayor, made several promises if elected mayor, including increased police presence on the island and even told city Island Images that if elected mayor she would return to City Island to eat ice cream at Lickety Split Ice Cream Parlor. Ms. Quinn received warm welcome, but left before her opponent arrived, just to be able to distance herself from Weiner.

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner came second and defiantly made it very clear that he in not pulling out of his mayoral campaign. He said he failed his wife, but promised to fight for the people of NYC.

The former US congressman has admitted to sending lewd messages and photos online to several women even after he resigned from the House of Representatives for similar behavior. During the time he was sexting other women, his wife, Huma Abedin, gave birth to their son.

He insists his campaign is about helping New Yorkers, because they understand this is about them. He took a swipe at Quinn saying that she voted to allow Mayor Bloomberg a third term as mayor.

Prior to his revelations, Weiner was slightly leading the Democratic field in the polls. But the most recent political poll shows his popularity eroding and dropping way behind Christine Quinn.

Weiner has released a new campaign video: