Media Mavens

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 02/12/2015 - 12:28

As media mavens, these trusted individuals shared their unique knowledge with others. However, this week, TV viewers learned about the developing saga and exodus of two media kingpins and previously moored anchors, who by now know all too well that the most reliable strategy, which works best is to keep it simple and reliable.

After delivering the news to 10 million television viewers for years, Brian Williams appeared reliable and concise. But when it came to telling his personal story of a helicopter attack, he got got it wrong and repeated it over and over until he eventually got caught. When he admitted it, the top brass at the peacock network suspended him without pay.

Then comes Jon Stewart, who for years has reigned over The Daily Show. His response was to quickly comment and say “Finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War!”. At about the same time, Stewart announced he would be stepping down from his popular satirical program.

This may be the inevitable result of confusing news and entertainment presenters and turning them into super stars and powerful personalities. News and vies are not the same same and these fine lines should never be allowed to cross.

These two organizations have a responsibility to step forward and make the most out of these issues. They have an opportunity and a platform to stand up and say what they stand for, while setting powerful ratings aside.

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