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Carte Blanche: Ken Jacobs
May 2–5
For this installment of MoMA's Carte Blanche screening series, one of the founding fathers of American experimental cinema, Ken Jacobs, presents films from MoMA's collection that have influenced and inspired him, alongside selections of his own work that represent key moments in his artistic life. The series also includes the world premiere of Jacobs's four-part Joys of Waiting for the Broadway Bus cycle of digital works.
Chinese Realities/Documentary Visions
May 8–June 1
This series aims to reflect the evolution of documentary practice in China over the past 25 years, revealing the growth and ever-increasing influence of nonfiction film and media. The selections, some 30 works encompassing a wide expanse of Chinese film and media, including state-approved productions, underground amateur videos, and Web-based Conceptual art, provide a vivid look into a society in perpetual transformation.
The Weimar Touch
Through May 6
The Weimar Touch, the second annual collaboration between MoMA's Department of Film and the Deutsche Kinemathek (Museum fur Film und Fernsehen), Berlin, features some 30 films, made between the end of the Weimar Republic and 1959, that were directly influenced—through style, subject matter, and personnel—by the golden age of German cinema (roughly 1920 to February 1933).
In the monthly exhibition ContemporAsian, MoMA showcases films that get little exposure outside of their home countries or on the international festival circuit, but that engage the various styles, histories, and changes in Asian cinema. Continuing through May 1, MoMA presents Nepalese director Deepak Rauniyar's debut feature, Highway, followed on May 2 by a weeklong run of Chinese director Song Fang's Memories Look at Me.
Modern Mondays
MoMA's ongoing showcase for innovation on screen, Modern Mondays allows contemporary filmmakers and moving image artists to present their work directly to audiences. On April 29, Carolee Schneemann joins us to discuss her multichannel video installations in relation to MoMA's recent acquisition of a 1976 version of Up To and Including Her Limits. On May 6, experimental filmmaker Saul Levine presents the New York premiere of his Light Licks: By the Waters of Babylon: This May Be the Last Time (2011), along with luminous, newly restored 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm prints of other selected works.
An Auteurist History of Film
This ongoing screening cycle explores the evolution of film as a medium by charting the careers of several key directorial figures—not in order to establish a formal canon, but to develop one picture of cinematic history. Upcoming screenings include a program of American avant-garde short films spanning the years 1948 to 1960, and Michelangelo Antonioni's Il Grido (1957).
Film Plus Membership
An Exclusive Group for Film Lovers
Film Plus members enjoy all the benefits of regular MoMA membership—unlimited free admission, 1,500 free film screenings a year, $5 guest tickets, and more—PLUS:

+Private previews of major films

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