Moscow Mitch and Pharma Bitch?

Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 09:02

Is Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. is Washington’s biggest obstructionist? Do Americans deserve better? For more than 30 years, Moscow Mitch and Pharma Bitch's top priority in Washington has been protecting special interests. He will spend big to stay in power.

After a record haul from Big Pharma, McConnell vows to block a drug pricing bill that could lower drug prices for millions of Americans.

Moscow Mitch aka Pharma Bitch Mitch passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for corporations and millionaires, which will add $2 trillion to the national debt. He now says the only way to lower the federal deficit is to cut programs like Medicare and Social Security. He is sitting on 400 bills the Democrats have sent and he is too afraid to allow any for a floor vote.

The very worst of McConnell is the lies he tells about social security and medicare. The republicans robbed the system.
He has turned the US Senate into a legislative graveyard and even calls himself the “Grim Reaper.”

The way to beat Mitch McConnell is to building a truly grassroots team. McConnell is America's most unpopular senator. Kentucky voters disapprove of McConnell by a margin of 50% to 37%, making him the least popular senator in America. His net approval for Q3 is -13 percentage points. Is he thwarting the will of the people?

Meanwhile, Democrats are asking the Transportation Department's internal watchdog to investigate whether Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao showed undue favoritism to Kentucky constituents of her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell has been in office for 35 years while the folks in Kentuck suffer.
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