Mothers Know Best

Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/11/2019 - 09:00

Mothers know best and we all should know better. Women are smarter than men and have already proved it over and again.

Moms are struggling in the workforce while #USA is the only developed nation that doesn't offer paid leave on a national basis.
When will America catch up to the rest of the east, south north and west?

Salary parity and affordable childcare should not be out of reach because while Dad is being paid more, MoM does most and must receive moral support a great deal of gratitude from society, while also keeping in mind that every day is Mother Day.

Regardless, who is the only person offering unconditional love? MoM. She says encouraging words, provides shelter, good food, and warm clothing. MoM reminds us that we are loved. She acts as our conduit to the whole wide world. Without her, we would never know many wonderful thinks, so she must know how she is appreciated, and thought of with much respect and dignity.

Only our mom can understand us while, she continues to love us, kiss and forgive us. It is this unyielding love that shifts our moral compass and sets us in the best possible direction.

For some of the biggest challenges and accomplishments will be made after she may say... “What about this?” “Have you considered?” “I know things seem rough, but it will get better.”

I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without my parents' guidance and my mother, who drilled into me until it stuck. I often recall the telephone calls she and I shared over the years.

On weekends like this one I wish I had her advise to discuss some issues and feelings like a family members love 💕 If you still have her near you, make sure you thank your MoM. Thanks to my mama Margarita Bonachea De Soto.

I should add that men also know lots of good things and the following advice is worth considering.