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Is the soon to be NYC Mayor moving forward or backwards?

Bill DeBlasio has chosen Bill Bratton as the new NYPD commissioner. He was Rudy Giuliani's police commissioner and this 66-year-old is not a native New Yorker.

The mayor elect has also announced the appointment of Anthony Shorris as First Deputy Mayor. NYC's second highest-ranking City Hall official is a former executive director at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, has also served as deputy education chancellor and former finance commissioner during the administration of former Mayor Ed Koch.

DeBlasio says "Bill Bratton is a proven and progressive crime-fighter, and my charge to him is clear:

Use the best technology and tactics to focus our law enforcement’s efforts on criminals to reduce crime even further, and make our streets and neighborhoods even safer.

Continue the NYPD’s success in keeping our city safe from terrorist threats.

Continue the groundbreaking work in progressive policing to keep the NYPD at the cutting edge of innovation and pioneering police strategies.

And repair relations between the police and the communities it protects by ending the overuse of stop-and-frisk, and ensuring police tactics are applied constitutionally, consistently, fairly and without bias."

Actions speak louder than words. What say you, the people of NYC?

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