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Sept 18-21, "2013 ADCOLOR Awards & Industry Conference,"
ADCOLOR, Los Angeles, CA.

Sept 19-20, "Network and Affinity Leadership Congress,"

NALC, Chicago, IL.

Sept 19-20, "7th Annual 2013 Business Leaders Conference & Awards Gala," Diversity MBA Magazine, Chicago, IL.…

Sept 19-21, "5th Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Exposition," Asian MBA, NYC.

Sept 23, "Here Are All the Black People," Advertising Week, NYC.

Sept 24, "Culturally Competent Healthcare," Diversity Inc., Newark, NJ.

Sept 25, "Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards & Forum," AAF, NYC.

Sept 25, "Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum," Portada Online, NYC.

Sept 25, "3rd Annual Champions of Diversity Awards Luncheon," The Ohio Conference NAACP, Columbus, OH,

Sept 26, "Uniworld Presents "Listen: The New Multicultural," Advertising Week, NYC.

Sept 26, "Total Market: From Ethnicity to Culture," Advertising Week, NYC.

Sept 26, "Creating Meaningful Digital Connections with Multicultural Consumers," Advertising Week, NYC.

Sept 26, "Engaging Hispanic Consumers Across Language, Markets & Platforms," Advertising Week, NYC.

Sept 26, "7th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference," Portada Online, NYC.

Sept 26, "Multicultural Mix and Mingle 3.0," Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) and Cable Advertising Bureau (CAB), NYC. Contact:Lynn J. Branigan, Executive Director, AWNY, 212-221-7969,

Sept 27-28, "2013 South Asian Media and Marketing Conference and Awards," SAMMA, NYC.


Oct 1, "Meet the Media: Top Multicultural Editors," PRSA, NYC.

Oct 2, 11th Annual Hispanic Television Summit, Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News, NYC. Contact: Jennifer Ware, 917-281-4718,

Oct 2-4, "Fall Broadcast Management Conference," NABOB, Washington, D.C.

Oct 2-5, "NAHP Annual Convention and Business Expo," NAHP, Anaheim, CA.

Oct 3, "New York City 'Cloud Gathering' Conference 'Innovation, Disruption & Transformation'," Digital Diversity Network, NYC.

Oct 3, "The 13th Annual Power of Urban Radio," Kizart Media Partners and National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, Washington, D.C.

Oct 3-5, "Women of Distinction Summit," Women of Excellence, Beverly Hills, CA. Contact: Info@sherrieburrellconsulting.

Oct 3-6, "2013 Conference & Career Fair," NBPRS, Atlanta, GA.

Oct 8-9, "27th Annual NAMIC Conference," (as part of Diversity Week), NAMIC National, NYC.

Oct 8-10, "13th Annual Wall Street Summit," NAA, NYC.

Oct 9, "25th Annual American Celtic Ball," The Ireland Chamber of Commerce, NYC.

Oct 9, "Annual Sustainability Summit,"
New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, NYC.

Oct 15, "2013 New York Conference,"
Women Leadership Exchange, NYC.

Oct 16, "Talent Development: Diversity-Strategies Event & Special Awards Dinner,"

Diversity, Inc., NYC.

Oct 16, "Multicultural Digital Media Summit," Griot's Roll Film Production & Services, Inc., NYC.

Oct 16-18, "NHCC Fall 2013 Summit," National Hispanic Corporate Council, Orlando, FL. Contact: Lydia Aranda,

Oct 17-18, "Multicultural Health National Conference," DTC Perspectives, Washington, D.C.… Contact: Scott Ehrlich,

Oct 21-22, "Network of Executive Women Leadership Summit 2013," Network of Executive Women, Los Angeles, CA. Contact: Rob Wray,

Oct 28-30, "2013 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition," SHRM, San Francisco, CA.

Oct 28-30, "25 Years of Kosher - How the Product Mix Changed," Kosher Today, Seacaucus, NJ.


Nov 3-5, "ANA 2013 Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference," ANA , Los Angeles, CA.

Nov 5, "Multicultural Panel Event," 212 NYC, NYC.…

Nov 7-8, "Hispanic Communication, Bridging Culture and Behavior Conference,"
Florida International University of Journalism and Mass Communication, North Miami, FL

Nov 7-8, "Latin CMO Summit," Latin Marketing Executives, Panama City, Panama.

Nov 22, "Careers & The Disabled's Careers Expos," CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine, Washington, DC. Contact: John Miller, 631-421-9421 ext. 2, or Dan Castellano, 631-421-9421 ext. 17.


Dec 6, "40th Anniversary Partnership Awards Gala," New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, NYC.…

Dec 11-13, "CMI's 2013 LGBT Travel Conference," Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), Fort Lauderdale, FL. Contact: 415-437-3800