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If you know Chinese, Spanish and English, you can communicate with most people on Planet earth. That's what our schools should be teaching.

My family came to this country from Cuba and at home, we spoke Spanish. My parents demanded it in their home; we all stuck with this demand. As an adult, I married a Chinese born wife and as a result, I am now multilingual and multicultural in a world that's no longer monolingual.

There are plenty of benefits, when it comes to working in a world that's slowly transitioning into a place where language plays a big part in marketing, business and networking.

While non-native English speakers have long realized the value of the English-speaking market, native English speakers are just beginning to wake up to the importance of a multilingual strategy.

More than just being able to do business in a second language, the world is becoming a multilingual marketplace. And whether it is Spanish, or Chinese Mandarin, understanding additional languages is becoming a necessity to get ahead as the process of globalization continues to accelerate.