Never Give Up

Submitted by ub on Sun, 10/27/2019 - 14:26

Although the grey days of winter are upon us once again in NYC and it will soon be fiercely cold and damp with precipitation. I don't let the cold days get me down, instead, I try to get inspired.

Old man winter is arriving this weekend's time change then the shortest day of the year. First of all, I don’t like cold weather. This a huge problem for me. As a native of Habana, we don’t get snow.

However, New York City in the winter is a monochromatic wonderland, filled with the color grey, so to say hello to the grey days ahead, I will attend a conference or symposium to learn something new; research a subject I have always wanted to know more about and I also signed up for a class; or just enjoy daydreaming.

When the grey days of winter lose their color
and the golden sun at springtime sits in the hazy blue
then I can hear weavers, sparrows, and doves
that does twitter and coo
and then you are in your glory my wife

when you laugh happy like the summer-sun,
when your fingers pull out weeds
and plant seedlings of new flowers

and like a goddess from mythology
you then hold the green
of your own small world in your hands

and then I do realize
that our love also is continually sprouting
and do flower without questions,
that the days of our lives
stretch into each season
and up into a distance

but that our love is perpetual
and can even flower in the worst winter.
Gert Strydom

Enjoy the holiday season, and remember to #VOTE