New Year of The Pig

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The Asian Lunar New Year is here like Christmas Day in the West, the Lunar New Year is a time for Spring cleaning, family reunions, elaborate meals, and the giving of blessings to friends, and acquaintances, in the form of hong bao or lai see—red packets containing money.

It starts on February 5 and lasts for two weeks. People in China get a week off, starting from Lunar New Year eve on February 4, when families gather for a reunion dinner. Celebrations last until the 15th day of the first lunar month, ending with the Lantern Festival on a full moon night. On that day, which falls on February 19 this year, people play at riddles and eat tang yuan, glutinous rice dumplings that symbolize reunion.

According to Channel5, "Peppa Pig" follows the adventures of the titular, anthropomorphic animal along with her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different kind of animal -- with a last name matching the type of animal each is. Although they are human-like in many ways, the characters still display characteristics of their species -- such as the Rabbit family being fixated with carrots.

The pig is a big part of China’s culture. The Chinese character for “family,” or 家, consists of two parts, one symbolizing the roof, and lower part meaning pig in ancient China. That reflects the importance of pigs in China’s agricultural society. Today, China is the world’s largest nation consuming pork products.

This is the Year of The Pig and the English animated cartoon Peppa Pig has become a hit with children in America and Asia and is likely to dominate the holiday. How do I know this, well my 2-year-old nephew Matty who speak Mandarin and my three-year-old grandchild Olivia, who speaks Spanish and English both love this cute character.

This lovable character was introduced to China in 2015 and took off in 2017 thanks to live-streaming services. Along the way, wholesome Peppa has become a symbol of a term for “gangster” for those who want to live a life free of constraints.

But not everyone is happy about The Pig Year ‪BBC News - Year of the Pig: Is it really a problem for Muslims?

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