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It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the news of the day, what with that content available as far away as your smart phone and all, but let’s just assume you are very busy working, or doing something else and not checking DOSE OF NEWS: CITY IMAGES wants to keep you informed, so we have decided to unveil “NEWS QUICKIE”

"News Quickie” tends to favor “gotta see this,” or is a lot like the person who tells you, or shares amazing news, or information and viral videos for you to “check out.”

Our Facebook friends note that “quickie” is an odd–though catchy–choice. “Be careful, last time someone else had a quickie, they're now expecting a baby this winter,” one loyal reader commented. And even though “Quickie” has meanings other than that, most of of them are not very positive. It also means a quick drink, or a piece of work that’s produced rapidly. Any other suggestions, or comments can be made below, or send to: CITY IMAGES or mail to our postal address below.

Please have a look begining on our third year anniversary. On April 1, 2015 and you can decide which definition you think best fits CITY IMAGES’ “News Quickie.”

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