Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/02/2013 - 22:46

A Mexican border town across from Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas has banned miniskirts and decided to fine cross dressed men wearing female attire. Police officials in the Coahuila, Mexico region are cracking down on indecent behavior.

The local security chief is Javier Agudelo, who is a retired general. He's the top cop in Ciudad Acuña, a city of 140,000 residents across the Texas border and the shores of Rio Grande. He says miniskirts and cross dressing had to be banned in town in order to preserve local decency, and morality but also added that women who wear short skirts, or men who dress as women, can use their apparel to commit several sorts of crimes.

Chief Agudelo claims that women who wear miniskirts as provocative attire engage in prostitution, provoke fights and lure kidnapping victims. Men who dress like women can spoil police investigations by disguising their identity and use public bathrooms intended for the opposite sex.

Banning miniskirts is probably not going to chase criminals away from Ciudad Acuña. For several years, the Zetas cartel has been using this city to ship drugs into the United States.