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Snowplow drivers are having a go at it just to keep ahead of the sleet and ice which has been falling all night.

There is no one else who actually sees the ice and snow firsthand like those people driving the plows.

These dedicated individuals are racing to keep our roads plowed to stay ahead of the fast-falling sleet and snow.

"What's made it hard this year is that the streets keep freezing after it snows," says Guy, a driver who's been at it for nearly 20 years. "It makes it hard to pick up snow." He continues to say...

"What we learned from the big snow in early January was if too much snow has fallen, some of these plows aren't capable of moving it,"

Guy started his 12-hour shift and a couple of hours into his shift, he refueled his 50-gallon tank at a nearby fueling station. The plows gets only 5 miles a gallon, therefore he can drive up to 200 miles in one shift.

The roads were mostly empty of cars, which allows him to plow without much impediment. But that's not always the case, he said.

When there's traffic, some drivers cut in front of them, open car doors, they throw shovels at them because they are pushing snow on their sidewalk. These drivers must also look out for people walking in the streets, or riding bikes.

Guy has heard the criticism from many residents who say that snow removal has been lacking. But he doesn't take it personally. Sometimes it bothers him, but he insists that he's working as hard as he can. But sometimes he just wishes the snow would let up and he's not kidding.