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When traveling to New York for the very first time most tourists expect to visit the traditional well-known spots in Manhattan; however New York City’s best Borough, The Bronx, has many places to visit and much to offer.

Bronx Zoo: An eclectic variety of wildlife; it’s refreshing to see how every animal in the zoo seems to feel at home in its own habitat. Instead of a cage as their home, all the wild species of the zoo are well kept. Visitors see the bears playing with each other and the chimpanzees making faces to the visitors. If travelers want to find out about the rates and hours, they can go to Zoo’s website; nevertheless Wednesday is a suggested donation day, so there isn't the need to pay the full price of a regular day, besides these donations help to take care of the animals at the Bronx Zoo and in the world as well. Here's a young star 'spotted' at Bronx Zoo.

NY Botanical Garden: If travelers are looking for eye candy along their journey; a great choice would be the New York Botanical Garden. This gem offers spectacular seasonal exhibitions, several gardens, magnificent trees, a glasshouse with a tropical rain forest and plants that can only be found there throughout all New York City.

City Island: This is by far the quietest and most quaint residential area in NYC. City Island is about a mile long and 1/4 of a mile wide. It was an English settlement in 1685. The United Kingdom gave Thomas Pell ownership of City Island and parts of Westchester County, which lasted until 1749, when ownership passed to other individuals. During the 1700s, many of the island’s residents were either oyster-men or Hellgate pilots who helped navigate ships down the East River to New York Harbor. There are a couple of thousand residents who are identified as Clam Diggers, or Mussel Suckers, depending on where you were born. This unique NYC location earns an E grade: Eat, Explore and Encounter.

Yankee Stadium: This is a wonderful experience for those who loves sports, specifically Baseball. It’s amazing to walk around in a place where so many innings of the America’s national pastime have been played; travelers definitely experience a victorious vibe all throughout the stadium. This is probably the most modern and beautiful baseball stadium ever built.

Woodlawn Cemetery: This interesting place may not be the first choice for many and that is why we listed it last. If you seek nature, history, landscaping, design and sculpture this is the best place to visit. Travelers will be able to search the final resting place of many significant people like Celia Cruz, the famous salsa music singer. The audio tour is the best choice when it comes to savings and is available in English and Spanish.