Panama 2019

Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/15/2014 - 21:45

Ruben Blades says he will once again be running for president of Panama. He says this decision to run in 2019, stems from a vision of his country's long-term solutions, which require rewriting codes and renewing diagrams necessary for the administration of the public good, efficiently and transparently. Moreover, he insists it requires a change in national attitude that includes a return to self-love, the love of country and concern for its future.

The Harvard educated lawyer insists on constitutional amendments that, among other things, raise Title Constitutional areas that until now have been fertile ground for the development of corruption, both political and civil.

Let all that is now Panama, can and must become the Panama it can be. That's my view and I suspect it is to many Panamanians, living and dead. The Panama it can be is an idea that can not be eliminated by buying attitudes or overwhelmed by hatred and the stifling mediocrity that defines the political process in many parts of our America.

This social activist and troubadour of Latin Music has just completed a series of Jazz at Lincoln Center concerts and insists he will continue very his active career as a singer, songwriter, poet and an actor.

Pedro Navaja RUBEN BLADES: