Philandering Fatherly Fulfilment?

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The following fathers Day feature story was not easy to pass up and points out that International and cultural family norms are surely changing all over the world.

No one could ever have imagined, especially Josue, a Hispanic Puerto Rican that his actions would eventually make him once, twice, three times a daddy of several generations of children on the same year.

Once upon a time, a military veteran who served in the middle east decided to settle down in City Island, A Slice of NYC Paradise. He purchased a house nearby, and we became neighbors and eventually friends, and I call him Pepito.

Pepito decided to join the online dating scene following his failed marriage. After going on a couple of dates, he decided Arlene was the one for him and apparently fell heads over heels for this Dominican Latina.

Following a hot and heavy romance, Arlene became pregnant. Pepito eventually asked her to marry him so they took a ride to City Hall and tied the knot.

Here's where the plot thickens. Arlene was previously married, with a bright and beautiful teenage daughter named Emily. When the word got out that they married and expecting a baby boy. now a healthy and handsome little big man named Sebastian, Pepito's ex reached out to him and after following a DNA test they realized he also had a 23-year-old son named Julian.

Julian came up from Florida, met his new family and hopefully, all will live happily ever after.

The real takeaway in any language or culture is don't suppress secrets from your present or past because they are bound to surface sooner, or later. Finally, will Pepito's sons decide to carry on?

Scientists are beginning to find that men undergo hormonal and brain changes just before and just after the birth of a first child

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