Political Twilight Zone

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We are stuck living inside another weird dimension, not only of sight and sound but out of mind. A journey into — The Twilight Zone.

This is the story of a man who's lost in a long, and agonizing route through a maze of bungled projects, who would probably give an arm or a leg or a part of his soul to have another chance, to be able to rise up and shake the dirt from his body, the egg from his face and the bad dreams that infest his consciousness. In the parlance of the times, this is a peddler, a rather clueless-looking old, fat man wearing a long tie inside a dark and empty suit.

These classic sci-fi episodes told a tale rooted in horror or suspense, and more often than not with a surprising twist at the end. They usually feature elements of drama and comedy. The Twilight Zone - To Serve Man

Does it also seem to you that for the past two years of tears and fears, #Americans have lived in a political Twilight Zone?

If you too are enduring these difficult years in the #USA but can bear to be anywhere else today, think of a time when "The Twilight Zone," was hosted by Rod Serling, and premiered on Oct. 2, 1959, on CBS-TV and ran for five years.

We are halfway there, so do not despair. Until we get there, consider #NewsOverdose

And for the hardcore "Twilight Zone" fans, you will soon enter the fifth dimension all over again. The series reboot is scheduled to premiere on April Fools Day, on the eighth anniversary of this blog #CityImages Monday, April 1 on CBS All Access

Our favorite episode is The Mighty Casey "The Mighty Casey" The Twilight Zone (Audio Book) Jack Warden

Here are some other favorites -