POTUS Panic Mode

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 09:05

Has he begun to fall on this first day of Fall? We'll see what happens but things were bound to start falling apart sooner or later. Is this really Autumn? Does it appear to be more like Fall, without the style or saving grace from all?

Do Republicans remember when Trump said he would release his income taxes? How about when he promised Mexico would pay for the wall? How about when Trump told members of his base to rough up protesters and he would pay the legal fees? Most American have heard so many lies that it’s hard to believe anything any more.

Would you hold your breath that POTUS will start backing up his word with actions or true verifiable or scientific facts? If not Congress, will American voters hold him accountable for everything he has said and done to #WeThePeople who are hardworking. real taxpayers, the members of our military and the US Democracy.

Most everyone knows that journalism is the first draft of history. The news is not the enemy of the people. Fact-finding is the solid base for democracy, regardless of what some may say and repeat over and over again.

President Trump’s torrent of lies and misleading statements has an army of reporters, editors and now court officers researching 24/7 to make sure they set the record straight. His latest whopper concerning a possible Ukraine blackmail scheme to investigate Biden. The questions are the following. Did @VP Pence know about any of this? How about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo? Or Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin? Who made the decision to withhold aid and why? What other officials were aware of the decision to withhold aid?

Meanwhile, that he wears so much makeup and eye shadow appears to be he is afraid to show his real face in public.
One of the reasons POTUS lawyers are in panic mode may be over New York court order to be questioned under oath, considering a record of gross inaccuracies, forgotten facts and total disregard for the rule of law. Legal showdown looms over Trump deposition order

POTUS rhetoric about Ukrainebecomes nastier as he disparages Biden and bashes the press admitting he discussed getting dirt on his opponent with a foreign leader. Trump just poured rocket fuel on the impeachment fire

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