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So far, we've had one of the most pleasant Springs I can remember. There have been many crisp, sunny days and very beautiful weekends. We will likely finish May period with near normal temperatures, and as it turns out normal weather can be very nice. To those individuals who detest the quick jump from winter to summer, congratulations because you have finally been rewarded by mother nature this year.

While our periods of heat can be quite hot, they've been infrequent and brief. But summer can only be delayed for just so long. Last summer, we were lulled into complacency in early June with beautiful spring-like weather before a significant late June heat sneak attack was the beginning of a third consecutive brutally hot summer.

Unfortunately the cool air is now on the retreat for much of the East and Midwest, where temperatures will reach near heat wave status through the weekend.

If the Polar-based cold air mass never breaks free this summer, the forecast risk of prolonged heat waves – subjectively defined as seven or more consecutive days of 90-degree temperatures – could be realized.

What about 100-degree heat? Forecasters say to stay tuned and keep drinking fluids and be ready to turn your ceiling fans on high, or air conditioning units on.

Americans’ health, security, and economic well-being are all tied to climate and weather. Over the past couple of years, the United States experienced 25 climate- and weather-related disasters exceeding $1 billion ($115 billion total) in damages and claiming 1,019 lives.