Submitted by ub on Wed, 10/03/2012 - 23:45

What a way for “the essential game” to kickoff, with the creating Jobs plan. Obama started his talk with showing love to his wife considering it is his anniversary. But then Romney response with congratulating Obama, but it seems like a fake congrats. I don’t know, but is it just me or does every time Romney talks it seems like BS, but I could be biased.

Obama showed great eye contact. Every time he spoke I felt he was looking directly at me! When Romney spoke he looked directly at Obama like this is personal. Which brings me to my next point, watching only the first hour of the debate before writing, I could tell who the veteran QB was and who the rookie QB was trying to win over his team and get command over the huddle.

The old saying goes, “too cool for school,” and Obama is definitely too school for school. Being the veteran quarterback you could tell Obama was so calm and collective. Romney seemed to be more direct and taking more shots toward Obama and you could also tell Romney was getting a little upset.

Romney has that snake in the grass effect. He seems sneaky, while on the other hand Obama is spending a majority of his breath talking on how he is trying to help the middle class, but Romney kept avoiding the middle class.

By: Ja Vontae Hence