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Who were the police protecting and serving by the use of force last week? Family members, friends and members of the community agreed that NYPD tactics led to another senseless death adter the use of a banned choke-hold.

During funeral services for Eric Garner at a sweltering Brooklyn church, there were multiple expressions of fury towards the city's police force after he died last week when police put him in a banned choke-hold.

The congregation at Bethel Baptist Church broke into shouts and applause after hearing preachers condemn the practice, which has been banned. You don't need training to stop choking a man who says, 'I can't breathe!' You need to be prosecuted.

Many called him Big E, but the 43 year old Garner had six children and was known in his neighborhood for selling out-of-state cigarettes on the street, and cops were arresting him last Thursday on suspicion of this misdemeanor when they tackled him to the ground during a heated argument.

Garner had a history of health problems, including asthma, died soon after his body fell limp on the sidewalk.

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